A/C Repair


Polar Bear Mechanical has been providing top-tier HVAC services to the communities of southern Colorado for over 40 years. Whether you’re interested in commercial HVAC services or residential HVAC services, our team of experts is here to help you!

As a locally-owned-and-operated company, we strive to provide you with the best HVAC services possible. From water heater installations to repairing your swamp cooler, we’re here to address all of your HVAC concerns. One of our areas of expertise is A/C repairs. If your A/C unit isn’t turning on, or you’re experiencing a leak, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace your entire A/C unit. Our team will perform a diagnostic test on your air conditioning unit and determine which parts need to be repaired or replaced.

Free A/C Repair Consultation


At Polar Bear Mechanical, our knowledgeable team is passionate about providing the best residential and commercial HVAC services in southern Colorado. As HVAC specialists, we utilize our skills and expertise while prioritizing our customer service. We operate using core values to ensure that we provide top-tier HVAC services every time.

Customer Service

We care about our customers, and enjoy the authentic relationships that we form with them. Whether you’re a first-time customer or have been a client of ours for years, we’ll always prioritize your unique HVAC needs. Our team believes in being transparent and honest, and will only recommend work that we believe is necessary.


Because our HVAC work is a reflection of us, we do our best to make sure that it represents us correctly. Whether you’re facing boiler issues or are in need of general air conditioning services, our team, at Polar Bear Mechanical, will always make sure to do a thorough, efficient and unprecedented job to ensure that your HVAC system is running properly.


At Polar Bear Mechanical, we believe that there is always room for growth. Our entire team invests in their HVAC education so that they’re always up to date and familiar with the latest tools and techniques being used in the industry. By continuously expanding our HVAC knowledge, we’re able to provide you with the best HVAC services possible.


In the HVAC industry, there’s always a new tool or a new method being introduced. We’re not afraid to experiment with different techniques and see if there’s a way to increase our efficiency. Whether that means using a new material for air ducts or utilizing a new tool for boiler inspections, we’ll try anything that helps us better serve you.


A/C Unit Runs Constantly

If you live in a warmer climate, it’s normal for your A/C unit to run throughout the entire day to maintain your desired indoor temperature. A/C units should still turn off periodically. Once your space has cooled to the desired temperature, a signal is sent to the air conditioning unit that tells it to turn off. An efficient and properly-running air conditioning unit won’t turn back on until your indoor temperature has gotten hotter. Our team will make sure that your air vents are cleared of any debris, and that there is an adequate amount of air flowing over the coils.

Blows Hot Air

If you turn your A/C on and your air conditioning unit is blowing hot air out of the air vents instead of cold air, then it’s best for you to immediately contact a professional. With this type of HVAC issue, your air conditioner is going to be running and costing you money, while making your space hotter than you want it to be. The Polar Bear Mechanical team will investigate the issue and determine if you have a leak, if your refrigerant levels are low, if your air filters need to be changed or if there are any obstructions within your air ducts.

Refrigerant Leaking

Noticing a refrigerant leak is difficult to do, especially if you don’t work in the HVAC field. One telltale sign of a refrigerant leak is a brightly-colored stain near your unit. If you suspect a leak, it’s crucial to turn off your A/C unit and contact us right away. When a unit operates on low refrigerant levels, it can cause permanent damage to your compressor. Replacing air compressors is one of the most costly repairs. It’s important to schedule regular A/C maintenance so that our team can fill up your refrigerant when it’s running low, and avoid this type of HVAC issue.

Weird Smells

If you’re near your air vents and notice a musty or burning smell coming from the vents, it’s important to turn off your air conditioning unit immediately in case you have a wiring issue. There are plastic components within your A/C system, and if those begin to burn it causes a foul odor to enter your space. Another possibility is that your air filters have become dirty and clogged, and there is mildew growth in your unit. Regular A/C maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that your HVAC system will be able to run as efficiently as possible.

Strange Noises

Another sign of your air conditioning unit needing professional help is if you begin to hear strange noises. Some possible noises that a faulty air conditioning can emit include squeaking, grinding and buzzing. If you hear any of these noises, our knowledgeable team will check out your air conditioning unit and make sure that you don’t have any worn or poorly aligned belts. If any of your belts need to be replaced or your bearings need to be lubricated, we’ll make sure to address these issues and ensure that your air conditioning unit is able to function properly.

Indoor Leaks

If you have an indoor air conditioning unit and notice that it’s leaking, then it’s time to call the professionals at Polar Bear Mechanical! A couple causes of indoor air conditioning unit leaks are clogged condensate drains and a faulty condensate pump. Clogged drains cause the pipe to backup and then the water runs back into your space. If our professionals notice that your condensate pump is broken, we’ll replace it and make sure your unit is back up and running. We’ll also make sure that your pipe is free of any debris so your system can run efficiently.


The HVAC specialists at Polar Bear Mechanical are ready to help solve all of your air conditioning issues. Whether you’ve been dealing with an A/C problem for quite some time, or have just recently noticed that your air conditioning unit isn’t running as efficiently as it used to, call our dedicated team today! We’ll run a diagnostic test and repair any HVAC components that are no longer working at their maximum capability. Don’t let your HVAC issues snowball out of control; contact us today!