Air Conditioning Services in Colorado Springs


Even though Colorado is known for its gorgeous snow-capped mountains, it also delivers mercilessly dry and hot summers every year. Keeping cool without a properly functioning air conditioning unit is a struggle that many Coloradans face. Beat the heat and get your air conditioning system serviced by Polar Bear Mechanical! Our excellent customer service, 100% guarantee, and expert knowledge will get you on the path to chilled relaxation. We complete every job correctly the first time, so you do not have to worry about another malfunction anytime soon. We truly believe that you should be comfortable at home and at your place of business which is why we offer residential and commercial A/C services.  

A/C Technicians in Colorado Springs

When critical cooling systems fail, you are left with uncomfortable temperatures and surprise costs. On top of these difficulties, you now have to find a company that does air conditioning repair in Colorado Springs. Save time and energy; hire Polar Bear Mechanical. Our team of air conditioning specialists is trained with all the essential skills needed to examine, diagnose, and repair your unit on the spot. Your A/C will be up and running in snow time!

Cool Benefits of a Functional A/C Unit

A broken or malfunctioning air conditioning unit is more than just a nuisance, it can negatively impact your utility bills and quality of life in the home. Below are some perks of a healthy and regularly serviced cooling system:

Polar Bear Mechanical’s Chill A/C Solutions

Maintaining an air conditioning unit is a great way to regulate the temperature in your home. As home heating and cooling specialists, Polar Bear Mechanical has the skills needed to get your system operating at peak performance. Serviced air conditioners will last 10 to 15 years compared to the shortened lifespan of neglected systems. Investing in annual maintenance and repairs saves costs down the line. We understand that not every situation requires expensive solutions and this is why we offer free estimates. Schedule your estimate today with one of our professionally trained air conditioning specialists.

Diagnostics and Maintenance

The first and most important step in all of our consultations is examining your system. We utilize over 40 years of combined experience to explore and identify any problems that are affecting performance. From here, a comprehensive plan of action is outlined for you. Proactively maintaining an air conditioner is a great way to avoid costly repairs.

Repair Services

Generally, most units we service only require a bit of yearly maintenance. However, that is not always the case. Where more extensive solutions are needed, our air conditioning technicians provide lasting repairs that get your unit running like new. We always recommend the best option for our customers and their needs.

Replacement and Installation

Older air conditioners are notorious for malfunctioning once they get past their prime. When their time comes, it is more cost-effective to replace the existing system than to constantly dump money into outdated parts. We understand when a new unit is necessary and only recommend a full replacement when it is the best option available.

Schedule Your A/C Repair Today!

Chill out this summer with Polar Bear Mechanical! As the best A/C repair in Colorado Springs, our goal is to bring quality service, expert solutions, and affordable options to our neighbors. Every job is an opportunity for us to help the beautiful community of Colorado Springs we call home. Our team of skilled HVAC specialists is just the tip of the iceberg! Skilled in both residential and commercial A/C units or teams can handle anything. Schedule your free estimate today! Air conditioning in Colorado Springs has never been snow easy!