Commercial AC Installation


With years of experience and education under our belts, our team of experts is able to help you with all of your HVAC needs. One of our areas of expertise is commercial AC installations. We understand how important it is to have a reliable heating and cooling system for your business. The last thing you want to worry about is not being able to heat up your office during the winter months, or slowing down production because your warehouse is too hot to work in.

If you have an older air conditioner that you’d like to replace, or you just started your business and need to install an HVAC system in your office, we’re here to help. Whether you’re interested in a rooftop unit or want to learn more about VRF systems, our team will be able to answer all of your HVAC questions, and help you decide which commercial AC unit is suitable for your needs.

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In order to be able to meet the demands of businesses, both large and small, commercial AC units are available in a variety of systems. Commercial AC units also come in a variety of sizes and differ in power depending on a business’ space.

Single-Split Systems

Single-split systems are one of the most popular types of commercial AC units, because they’re fairly affordable and work great in small commercial spaces. You’ll most likely find single-split systems in businesses such as small book stores, cafes and boutique clothing stores. Every indoor unit is matched with an exterior unit, so if your business grows you’re able to add more outside units at a later time.

VRF Systems

VRF systems, or variant refrigerant flow systems, have the ability to provide various temperatures to different rooms. These systems operate by controlling the refrigerant flow through multiple evaporator coils. Like multi-split systems, VRF systems connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. The outdoor unit delivers the required amount of refrigerant, while the indoor units deliver heat or cold where needed.

Multi-Split Systems

Multi-Split systems connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit and work best in businesses that have multiple floors and many walls, such as retail shops and medical offices. The indoor units operate independently, allowing you to set rooms to different temperatures. One benefit is the potential utility bill savings due to being able to cool rooms individually, instead of having to cool down your entire business space.

Rooftop Packaged Unit

A packaged rooftop unit is a comprehensive air conditioner that includes all of the components needed for your AC. All of the AC’s features are inside a heavy-duty steel cabinet that sits on the roof of your home or business. Heavy-duty cabinets are built to withstand even the harshest elements because the unit is constantly exposed and resides outside.


Commercial air conditioning units refer to the AC systems that are used to heat and cool commercial spaces. Commercial AC units can be utilized in any type of business, from restaurants to classrooms. Commercial air conditioners allow business owners to maintain high-quality indoor air while ensuring the comfortability of patrons and employees.

The efficiency of your air conditioning unit, and entire HVAC system, will have a huge impact on the amount of your utility bills, the comfort of your employees and customers, the lifespan of your HVAC system and the need for HVAC repairs.

Because commercial AC installations differ significantly from residential AC installations, you want to make sure that any company you hire has plenty of experience with commercial AC installations. You also want to discuss your needs with them and make sure that they’re able to install an air conditioning system that will meet your unique business needs.

Our team of licensed HVAC specialists will work with you and provide their recommendations for an AC system that will work best in your space. Some of the considerations we take into account include the size of your business, the average climate of the area, the amount of windows in your building and the times of operation.

Absolutely. Maintaining your commercial AC unit is the best way to ensure it operates efficiently and lasts you as long as possible. We recommend having your commercial system serviced at least annually. This gives our team the opportunity to clean and check the components of your commercial AC including the air filters, coils and metal fins. The more diligent you are about routine maintenance, the less likely you’ll require a repair or replacement.

We understand that it may be a hassle to put your business on pause to install a commercial AC unit. While there is no set amount of time because each situation is different, our dedicated HVAC technicians work as quickly and efficiently as possible to provide you with a top-tier commercial air conditioner.


If you’re ready to replace or install a new commercial air conditioning system, then it’s time to call the knowledgeable team at Polar Bear Mechanical. We can quickly address any air conditioning issues you may have concerning your business. As a locally-owned and-operated company, we’re passionate about helping the business owners of Colorado Springs increase their efficiency with an unmatched commercial AC installation. If you’re ready to take the next step in investing in your business, contact us today!