Ductless Mini-Split Installation

Residential And Commercial Ductless Mini-Split Installations

The highly experienced technicians at Polar Bear Mechanical have been helping the homeowners and business owners of Colorado Springs have the most efficient HVAC systems possible. From ductless HVAC systems to adding to existing ductwork, we’re able to handle all of your HVAC needs for you! One HVAC service our HVAC technicians provide is installing ductless mini-split systems. As the only Fujitsu elite contractors in Colorado Springs, you can feel confident that you’ll have a dependable and efficient ductless mini-split installation with Polar Bear Mechanical.

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What Is A Ductless Mini-Split System?

Like the name suggests, ductless mini-split systems don’t need any ductwork to operate. Ductless mini-split systems can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. This type of system is most commonly used in multifamily housing and in homes that don’t have an existing air duct system. A mini-split is an HVAC system containing both an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor air handler. These two components are connected by refrigerant tubing, a power cable, suction tubing and a drain line. 

Unlike traditional air conditioning units that you may be familiar with, mini-splits have indoor units placed in different rooms of your space. This allows the system to heat up or cool down a specific room instead of distributing air throughout your entire space. All ductless mini-split models have the ability to cool a space, while only certain models also have the ability to heat up your space. 

Advantages Of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Whether you’re trying to be environmentally conscious or you want to save money on your utility bills, choosing to install a ductless mini-split system in your Colorado Springs home or business is a great idea. Some of the advantages of installing a mini-split system include:

Improved Air Quality

When air ducts become dirty and filled with various contaminants, it means that all of the bacteria inside of the ductwork is being blown into your space. Ductless mini-splits use a multistep filtration system; making them a great way to reduce the amount of dust, allergens and bacteria in your space.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Mini-splits are smaller in size and more energy efficient than other heating and cooling systems. Not only does being more energy efficient mean this system can save you money on your utility bills, but it also means that the system is using less energy to operate, ultimately reducing your carbon output.

Easy Installation

Mini-splits give you the freedom to install your indoor unit basically anywhere in your home or office space. All we need to do to install your mini-split is drill a small hole in the wall to connect the outdoor and indoor units. This means you don’t have to worry about damaging walls or losing square footage.

Minimized Utility Bills

Because ductless mini-splits are smaller than traditional HVAC systems, it doesn’t cost as much money for the system to operate. The system also gives you the power to choose to heat or cool one room instead of your entire space. Both of these factors lead to significant savings on your utility bills.

Polar Bear Mechanical Provides Premier Ductless Mini-Split Installations In Colorado Springs

Whether you want to add a heating and cooling system to your older home that doesn’t have ductwork, or you want to explore an affordable HVAC system option, Polar Bear Mechanical is here to help you. As one of the best HVAC companies in Colorado Springs, we offer unparalleled ductless mini-split installations. To explore if a mini-split may be right for your HVAC needs, contact our HVAC technicians today!