Furnace Maintenance

Did you know?

• A dirty blower wheel can reduce air flow over 30%!

• ASHRAE median furnace life is 18 years!

• The largest utility expense is normally the cost of Heating and Air Conditioning!

Proper Furnace maintenance is required by all manufacturers and ensures your equipment is running at peak operating efficiency with minimal wear and tear. Our service includes:

• Inspect and clean the Furnace

• Perform system air flow test Before and After

• Check amp draws on Furnace Before and After

• Perform a temperature rise test Before and After

• Replace air filter

• Check & adjust thermostat

• Clean & adjust burners

• Inspect heat exchanger

• Check safety controls

• Inspect gas pressure & flame

• Inspect igniter and clean flame rod

• Test for carbon monoxide and gas leaks

• Inspect gas piping

• Inspect chimney / venting system

• Inspect wiring, contacts, capacitors & relays

• Inspect and blowout condensate drain

• Inspect every component for wear and tear and make recommendations based on manufacturer specifications and industry best practices.

• Free maintenance plan proposal based on manufacturer specifications and industry best practice.

All recommendations for maintenance or repair will be documented and stored in our system. No additional work will be performed without prior agreement by the customer.

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