Furnace Repair


At Polar Bear Mechanical, our team of HVAC experts provides premier HVAC services for the residents and business owners of Colorado Springs. From commercial A/C installations to water heater replacements, we have the experience and education necessary to handle all of your HVAC needs. For the past 40 years, we’ve dedicated our time to expanding our HVAC knowledge and refining our craft to be able to offer the best HVAC services possible to the Colorado Springs community.

One of the most important parts of your HVAC system is your furnace. A furnace is responsible for heating your space, and if your furnace isn’t working properly, then your HVAC system has to work harder to circulate heat throughout your home or business. If you suspect your furnace isn’t working correctly, it’s important to schedule a furnace repair service right away to avoid irreparable damage.

Morgan M
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We’ve used Polar Bear LTD several times this year from routine maintenance to fixing a water line to our water tank and lastly an emergency service on Christmas Eve with our furnace going out. An appt was set within minutes of scheduling an appointment, technician came within 30 minutes, and we had heat within 4 hours. We’re very grateful for a reliable business.
Jill Y
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John Martinez, the owner was immediately responsive when I called regarding my non-working furnace on one of the coldest days! He sent Shawn out right away. Shawn was very punctual and professional as he diagnosed and fixed our furnace. He was also very knowledgeable. Great company ! Fantastic employees! Superior service!
Bobbie D
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My furnace went out and I was referred by Mandi Schaffer through BNI to John Martinez. With initial call, the professionalism and his punctuality via text and calls to inform of approximate time. Very knowledgeable about what was going on with my furnace. Polar Bear Mechanical was here and gone within an hour and a half and boy, did they do a great job cleaning it!


There are multiple issues that could result in you needing a furnace repair service. It’s crucial to schedule regular maintenance in order to avoid furnace repairs and help keep your furnace running as efficiently as possible. If you suspect your furnace has one of the following issues, make sure to contact our knowledgeable team and we’ll create a comprehensive plan to quickly repair your furnace and get it back up and running properly.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is compiled of a network of heated tubes that heat up air before it travels into the designated area. Heat exchangers are one of the most important components of a furnace, and if it’s cracked, then your furnace is unable to function properly. A cracked heat exchanger is one of the more costly repairs, so make sure to schedule regular furnace maintenance to help avoid this issue.

Strange Furnace Noises

If you notice your furnace is making weird noises, then it’s time to have an HVAC professional investigate the issue. When your HVAC system works properly, you shouldn’t be able to hear any weird noises coming from the system. If your furnace is making high-pitched squealing noises, a loud thumping noise or any other abnormal noise, that’s your clue that something is in need of repair.

Thermostat Issues

One of the most common furnace problems is a malfunctioning thermostat. The thermostat has an integral role and tells the furnace how much heat needs to be produced in order to reach the desired temperature. If your furnace’s thermostat isn’t working properly, you risk not producing enough heat, or your furnace creating too much heat and overheating your space.

Clogged Filters

If you don’t regularly replace your air filters, they’ll become dirty and sometimes even clogged. If you have an air filter that’s dirty or is clogged and isn’t allowing air to easily pass through, that makes your furnace work harder. The harder your furnace works, the quicker it’ll begin to experience wear and tear, which could eventually result in you needing a completely new furnace.

Furnace Isn’t Producing Heat

The main job of any furnace is to create heat and circulate it throughout a space to reach a desired temperature. If your furnace isn’t creating heat, then there’s obviously an issue present within your HVAC system. If you reset your circuit breaker and your furnace still isn’t working properly, make sure to immediately schedule an appointment with HVAC professionals.

Faulty Flame Sensor

A flame sensor is an integral part of any furnace that helps furnaces operate safely and efficiently. Flame sensors work by determining if there’s a flame present. If no flame is detected, then the flame sensor will turn off the furnace. If you notice your flame sensor is cracked, corroded or is shutting off your furnace even if a flame is present, have your furnace inspected immediately.

Furnace Repair FAQ

One of the most common ways to know if your furnace is in need of a repair is if your utility bills are higher than normal, but you feel like your heating and cooling system hasn’t been working properly. For example, if during the winter your home felt extremely cold even though your heater was on, and your utility bill was higher than normal, you’re in need of a furnace repair service.
At Polar Bear Mechanical, we recommend scheduling regular furnace maintenance. During a maintenance appointment, our team of HVAC technicians will inspect your furnace and ensure everything is operating properly. Regular maintenance will help ensure your furnace operates efficiently for as long as possible, and will help you avoid costly furnace repairs.
Our team of HVAC experts at Polar Bear Mechanical will run diagnostics on your furnace to determine what components aren’t operating properly. Once we’ve located the problem areas, we’ll discuss our recommendations with you and create a plan to repair any faulty furnace parts, and get your furnace back up and running in tip-top shape.
Yes, absolutely! In order to provide our customers with the best HVAC services possible, we continuously invest in our HVAC education. Our team of experts is able to handle any HVAC issue, including furnace repairs, for both residential and commercial HVAC systems. Whether you’re experiencing a furnace issue in your home or in your business, Polar Bear Mechanical will be able to help you!
HVAC systems can sometimes be temperamental, and that includes the furnace. A furnace can break down and begin to run inefficiently at any time, day or night. Our team understands the importance of having a dependable furnace, especially during the winter months. Polar Bear Mechanical is proud to be available 24/7, so we’re able to help you whenever an HVAC emergency occurs.
As experienced HVAC professionals, we highly discourage attempting to repair your furnace on your own. Trying to repair your own furnace is not only dangerous, but it can also create more serious problems and result in irreversible damage. If you suspect your furnace is in need of a repair, please allow our HVAC technicians to investigate the issue and fix your furnace properly.


Our team of HVAC experts is passionate about ensuring you have the best HVAC system possible. Whether you feel your home isn’t heating up properly or you don’t understand why your furnace mysteriously turns off, the Polar Bear Mechanical team is here to help you and correct any furnace issues you may have. If you’re interested in scheduling a furnace repair appointment, please contact our knowledgeable team today!