Furnace Replacement


The team of HVAC technicians at Polar Bear Mechanical obtains the knowledge and experience necessary to solve any HVAC issue you may be experiencing. Whether you’re trying to figure out which swamp cooler is best for your needs, or you need to schedule a boiler maintenance appointment, our HVAC experts are here to help you. One area our HVAC technicians are proficient in is furnace replacements. Polar Bear Mechanical is able to expertly replace both commercial furnaces and residential furnaces to ensure your HVAC system is running optimally.

Chris M
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Top notch. John and his team were incredible from start to finish. I had the whole 9 yards replaced at my home (AC and Furnace). The initial appointment for quoting was low pressure and informative. Within one week of making my deposit I was getting my new stuff installed! They went above and beyond to ensure my install was great. I have had a few others out to try to figure out why i had no pressure but they were no help. John diagnosed a lack of return volume and added a second return in my basement which worked perfect. I would highly suggest these guys. As a homeowner Ive been consistently let down by service providers and tend to find myself fixing the cosmetics of a job I already paid for. With Polar Bear, everything was beautiful and even the code inspectors commented on what a good install it was! Thanks John! Thanks Steve!
Charles C
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John, Steve, and Derrick just finished up our install for a new AC and Furnace the proper size for our house. They also reworked some of the ducts and added a return vent in the basement included with the install. They are super knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. No doubt we made the right choice with Polar Bear Mechanical!
Kristine L
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Steve's quote was honest and complete. Kyle and Mark were professional and thorough during installation. Our new Rheem AC and furnace are far outperforming the units we replaced. Thanks for a job well done, Polar Bear!


There are many reasons why you may want to replace your furnace. Maybe you want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient furnace, or maybe you’ve had your current furnace for nearly 20 years and you can tell it’s not working as well as it used to in the past. When you replace your furnace, you’ll immediately notice the many benefits that come with, including:

Increased Efficiency

When you live somewhere with a colder climate, such as Colorado Springs, it’s important to have a dependable furnace to properly heat up your space. When you upgrade your furnace to a newer furnace, you’ll notice you can heat up your space more quickly without having to worry about spending more money. In some cases, you actually end up saving money because certain high-quality furnaces are extremely energy efficient.

Prolonged Lifespan

One of the best parts about replacing your furnace is that you know your new furnace is going to last you anywhere from 15 to 20 years, with proper maintenance. Have you ever had an appliance and after thinking about how long you’ve had it for, wondered if it’s going to break down on you anytime soon? Well, when you have the Polar Bear Mechanical team install a new furnace for you, you know your furnace will work efficiently for years to come.

Improved Indoor Comfort

Many people begin to realize they need to replace their furnaces when they start to have trouble maintaining a comfortable temperature inside their homes or businesses. After a successful furnace replacement, your heating and cooling system will be able to easily maintain any desired indoor temperature. You’ll no longer have to worry about being cold inside during chilly, winter nights because your furnace is unable to heat up your space.

Furnace Replacement FAQ

The Polar Bear Mechanical team values your time, and tries to complete all of our tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. While each situation is unique, we should be able to replace your furnace within a day.
We understand choosing a furnace can feel overwhelming and confusing. Our team of HVAC technicians will discuss all of your options with you and help you choose the best furnace for your unique needs.

Yes! Polar Bear Mechanical is able to handle any HVAC issue, whether it’s in a company space or your home. For the past 30 years, we’ve replaced furnaces for residents, as well as businesses, in Colorado Springs.

Furnace replacements are an extremely meticulous process, and we highly recommend you have an experienced HVAC professional complete the task instead of attempting to do it yourself.
If you notice your furnace is unable to maintain your desired temperature, then you’re probably ready for a furnace replacement. It’s also time to replace your furnace if you’ve had it for over 20 years.
Our team of HVAC experts will assess your furnace and discuss our findings with you. During this time, we’ll determine if you need a new furnace, or if you just need to have some components repaired.


As one of the best HVAC companies in Colorado Springs, we understand the importance of having an efficient furnace. We have the tools and knowledge necessary to replace any type of furnace, commercial or residential. If your furnace isn’t acting properly, or if you’ve had your furnace for longer than is recommended, please contact our knowledgeable team today to schedule your furnace replacement!