Help! My Boiler is Making Banging Noises

Like any heating system, boilers make a small amount of noise as they operate. However, if your boiler is making noise that seems unusual, it is time to contact a boiler technician. Loud, abnormal noises often point to mechanical problems. If left unattended, these problems can snowball into larger, more expensive issues.

As a provider of boiler repairs in Colorado Springs, Polar Bear Mechanical strives to help homeowners recognize when their heating systems require tune-ups. It is good to know when you should call an HVAC specialist for any boiler heating system maintenance to prevent long-term damage. Let’s explore both common and irregular boiler sounds to keep an ear out for.

Normal Boiler Noises:

If your boiler is kept in an open space, you have likely heard some sounds as it operates. Any normal noises that you hear from an exposed boiler should be quiet. If your system is kept in a closet, you may not hear anything at all as it operates. Below are some examples of standard noises:

  • My boiler is making a loud humming noise – Any time you hear a hum, it is often the system turning on the gas heater piece of the machinery. The flames cause the sound you hear.
  • The boiler makes a gentle whirring sound – As the heating is activated, water circulates around the unit. Between the water and the pump, these create the soft whir that emanates from the system.
  • My boiler is making a quiet rumbling noise – Like the hum, a rumble indicates the heater part of the system is activating. As the temperature rises in the unit, water heats and causes this common commotion.
  • The boiler occasionally clicks – Lots of intricate controls keep the inner workings of the heater running. The thermostat and the control panel run a slew of complicated valves and as each gadget turns on, they click. 

Problematic Boiler Sounds:

Now that you are familiar with the din of a healthy system, we can explore what racket signals a need for repair. Generally, noises that are discordant and obnoxious are signs of a malfunctioning system. If you hear any of the noises below, it is time to schedule a tune-up.

  • If the boiler sounds like running water, then air has gotten stuck inside. Luckily, this issue is easily fixed with the help of an HVAC specialist. In most cases, the system just needs to be bled.
  • If the system is making banging noises, then it is going through a process called kettling. Water from the tap contains natural minerals. Since your unit utilizes tap water, these minerals can build up and leave limescale deposits behind on something called the heat exchanger. From here, the water boils (a healthy system doesn’t boil water, merely heats it).
  • If the unit produces a whistling noise, then air may be trapped where it shouldn’t be. Whistling is a bit worse than gurgling because it indicates air is getting into the system somehow. A boiler technician needs to both bleed the system and find the problem to stop this problem.
  • If the boiler emits a grinding noise, then the pump is faulty. This is the most detrimental sound to hear from your unit. In most cases, a grinding noise leads to a faulty pump. Without a pump, the heating system becomes useless and needs immediate attention by an HVAC specialist. 

Reliable and Local | Polar Bear Mechanical

At Polar Bear Mechanical, we provide boiler repair services in Colorado Springs and for the greater El Paso community. Our team of expert boiler technicians is available 24/7 for any emergency boiler tune-ups or service needs. Schedule your free estimate today! Our professional boiler services will help put a freeze on any future problems. We also service water heaters and furnaces! 

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