How Do I Know If My Furnace Needs a Tune-Up?

Home heating systems require tune-ups to keep running correctly. If your furnace is located in a basement or a closet, it can be easy to miss critical details that signify a malfunction. By electing to schedule annual maintenance, you are avoiding costly repairs and maintaining your furnace’s warranty. 

As a local heating company in Colorado Springs, Polar Bear Mechanical understands how crucial a properly working furnace is during harsh Colorado winters. This is why we love to educate our community on the various warning signs they need to look out for when evaluating their furnace’s health. 

Are Annual Furnace Inspections Really Necessary?

Yes, yearly inspections are a necessity for all heating systems! Most new units require annual inspections to guarantee the warranty remains valid. Plus, by remaining vigilant in the health of your unit, you are saving on costly replacement costs by investing in less expensive furnace tune-up costs. The average furnace life expectancy is 15-20 years, but by regularly scheduling tune-ups, you can expand your furnace’s lifespan substantially. Keep an eye out for these signs between yearly services to ensure your home heating system stays safe and efficient. 

Spotting Furnace Problems

The nice thing about furnaces is that when they have problems, the signals are straightforward. Below are some common ways to tell if your heating system needs a tune-up. 

  1. Your Utility Bills are High

As the winter months creep in, so do the freezing temperatures. Normally, you can expect your utility bills to go up as your furnace turns on for the season. However, if the bills are unreasonably high without changes to the thermostat, then your unit is not functioning as it should. Systems that push harder to keep your home warm use much more energy.

  1. The Pilot Light is Yellow or Orange

The easiest way to check in on your furnace is to observe the color of the pilot light. If the light is blue, the fire is at the ideal temperature; this is how it should look when it is properly functioning. As soon as it changes to orange or yellow, it is time to schedule a tune-up.

  1. There are Bad Smells Coming from the Furnace

When crucial parts of the unit’s system get clogged and backed up, it will begin to produce unpleasant smells. Typically, this happens when the condensate drain gets blocked-up. As the moisture is unable to drain, slime and mold builds-up. These culprits are what cause the foul odors. 

  1. The System Makes Loud or Irregular Noises

All heating systems make some degree of noise, but when the noises become loud, it could signal the need for a check-up. Furnaces are made of many complicated parts that work in harmony. If one part fails, the unit may begin to make groaning, hissing, banging, or rumbling sounds. 

  1. Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm Goes Off

This is the scariest sign that your furnace requires urgent, emergency service. When your alarm goes off, it means that deadly gas is already seeping throughout your home. If this happens in your home, have people and pets evacuate immediately and call an HVAC specialist. 

Keep the Chill Away | Polar Bear Mechanical

When our HVAC specialists go over their furnace tune-up checklist, they are evaluating every crucial component of the intricate system. If problems are discovered, they customize a plan for your specific needs. Before any work is done, the technicians make sure to review the plan and only repair what you specify. If you are looking for a furnace tune-up in Colorado Springs, schedule your service with Polar Bear Mechanical today!

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