Recommended Thermostat Settings

Whether you prefer to crank the AC in the summer or mimic tropical temperatures in the winter, your thermostat settings should appeal to your liking. No matter what, saving money on your electric bill is a must. At Polar Bear Mechanical, we make sure your home is the temperature you want, for the price you need. As an HVAC company in Colorado Springs, we understand that with extreme weather changes, attaining your ideal home climate is essential. Our team of experienced HVAC experts assure your preferences are met through our money and energy saving techniques and services. Here are the best recommended thermostat settings for your home.

Best AC Temperature In The Summer

When it comes to choosing the best temperature to keep your house at, there are a few things to consider. Your comfort should be top priority, but so should cost and energy efficiency. When the heat rolls in, it’s tempting to crank your air conditioning, but this leads to a high electric bill and sometimes even a frozen AC unit. To avoid this, keep your thermostat at the highest temperature you can handle without sacrificing comfort. 

In order to attain cost and energy efficiency during the summer, the recommended thermostat setting is seventy-eight degrees while at home.  It is estimated that for every degree higher you set your thermostat over seventy-eight degrees in summer months, you can save approximately six to eight percent of your home energy bill. 

If the proposition of keeping your home at this temperature seems outrageous, try adjusting your ideal temperature a few degrees higher to lessen your electric bill and save on energy while staying icy-cold.

Best Heater Temperature In The Winter

During a chilly winter day, it is tempting to raise the thermostat to assure your home is perfectly cozy. But, similarly to turning down your AC too far, running your heater too much can cost you. The recommended thermostat setting to keep your home during the winter to save money is sixty-eight degrees. 

According to, lowering the temperature you keep your home during the winter by only a few degrees can make a huge difference in your energy costs. It is also recommended that for eight hours a day, your thermostat can be lowered by ten to fifteen degrees to save you close to fifteen percent yearly on your energy bill. This window of lowered temperatures can be while sleeping. This not only saves you money, cooler temperatures are also proven to help you sleep better. 

How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill

Perhaps the best piece of advice when it comes to affordably heating and cooling your home is to adjust your thermostat throughout the day. We rarely spend all day in our homes, and we are even more rarely conscious of the temperature all twenty-four hours. While monitoring the temperature of your home throughout the day is impossible, a programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature so you can save and be comfortable.   

By programming your thermostat to be the right temperature when you’re home, and a cost-saving temperature when you aren’t, you get the best of both worlds. Having the temperature adjust when you know you will be gone for more than a few hours is one of the best ways to save on your electric bill. 

Get Your Temperature Just Right | Polar Bear Mechanical

At Polar Bear Mechanical, we’ll make sure your home is just right, whether you prefer it snowy-cool or cuddly warm. As the best HVAC company in Southern Colorado, we will equip you with what you need to keep your home comfortable. From AC units to furnaces and more, we got you covered! Contact us today to start making your home the ideal temperature. 

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