Water Heater Maintenance


As one of the best HVAC companies in Colorado Springs, Polar Bear Mechanical prides itself on providing unprecedented services for the residents and business owners of the area. We have the skills and education necessary to help with all of your HVAC needs, including water heater maintenance. Regular water heater maintenance is crucial to ensuring your water heater operates as efficiently as possible, and provides you hot water when needed. Without proper water heater maintenance, the likelihood of your water heater malfunctioning dramatically increases, causing you to spend money on preventative water heater damage.
Jim H
Jim H
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The service tech Dylan Oaks was very efficient and thoughtful throughout the service call. He expedited the arrival of the boiler part so we could get our hot water back in service
Martin F
Martin F
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John and his team were fantastic. They were professional, punctual and very courteous. We look forward to working with them in the future and want to say thankyou for a job well done.
Tye E
Tye E
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I called for an emergency repair on my gas water heater vent. Steve was on site in a couple of hours, and had the repair done in less than 90 minutes. Very competent guy, professional and courteous.


Staying up to date on your water heater maintenance will help ensure your water heater lasts as long as possible, while operating efficiently. Without proper maintenance, you’ll most likely have to replace your water heater much sooner than needed. A poorly maintained water heater can snowball into a much bigger issue and negatively affect your entire HVAC system. It’s important to schedule regular water heater maintenance for many reasons, including:

Increased Efficiency

Like any other appliance, the better you take care of your water heater, the better it’ll operate. It’s common for sediment to build up in water heaters, making it more difficult for your water heater to produce hot water. During your water heater maintenance appointment, our HVAC professionals will flush your water heater and make sure it’s ready to operate efficiently.

Extended Lifespan

Did you know that regular water heater maintenance has a significant effect on the lifespan of your water heater? A poorly maintained water heater has to work harder, causing the components of the water heater to wear out more quickly. If you schedule regular maintenance appointments, you’ll be able to use your water heater for as long as possible, even up to 12 years.

Reduced Utility Bills

One of the best benefits of an efficient water heater is reduced utility bills. Regular maintenance appointments give Polar Bear Mechanical a chance to test all the components of your water heater, and make sure everything is working properly. When all components of your water heater are running efficiently, it means your water heater is operating to the best of its ability.


At Polar Bear Mechanical, we recommend scheduling a water heater maintenance appointment at least once a year.
During your maintenance appointment, the HVAC specialists at Polar Bear Mechanical will drain the tank, test the anode rod and run diagnostics to check if any components need to be replaced.
A properly maintained water heater can run efficiently for as long as 12 years. Every situation is unique, and some water heaters may even last longer. It’s important to remember that the better you take care of your water heater, the longer it will last.
Definitely! Maintenance appointments are the best way to prevent issues from occurring. Even if you’re not currently facing any water heater issues, Polar Bear Mechanical will make sure everything is operating properly, and that you won’t face any issues in the future.
In addition to scheduling regular maintenance appointments, you can help maintain your water heater by setting the thermostat to 120 degrees and making sure the appliance has at least 2 feet of clearance.
If your water heater is still fairly new, this is probably due to a sediment buildup in the tank. During your maintenance appointment, Polar Bear Mechanical will run diagnostics tests to make sure it just needs to be serviced. In the event that we think your water heater needs to be replaced, we’ll discuss our findings with you and recommend some new water heater options.


If it’s been over a year since your last maintenance appointment, then it’s important to schedule one as soon as possible. The longer a water heater operates without being serviced, the more likely it’ll endure irreparable damage. At Polar Bear Mechanical, we provide unparalleled maintenance services to ensure your water heater operates properly. If you’re ready to schedule your water heater maintenance appointment, make sure to call our knowledgeable team today!